The 23 cm beacon in Klintehamn (JO97CJ) SK1UHG was put into operation
Tuesday July 7th 2009 at 1045Z.

It is located at the crop storage building in the harbour of Klintehamn, 50 m
ASL 50 m from the Baltic Sea on the west coast of Gotland. It is
co-located with SK1VHF, SK1UHF and SK1SHH.

Power: 30 W RF
Antenna: Alford Slot, omni directional horizontal polarization.
Frequency control: Owenized crystal oscillator.
Keying: PIC based identifier (same design as SK1UHF, one letter changed in
the SW).

I would like to thank all the people that have helped in the process of
getting it ready and suited for being deployed at Gotland.

SM6PGP, Hannes, for making the Alford Slot antenna.

SK0CT with SM0IQD, Lars, SM0DFP, Per and others for the driver and power
amplifiers as well as a filter and circulator.

SM6GXV, Ulf, for the help with making the printed board for the
multiplier (x12).

SM6UBC, Fredrik, with support for the power supply.

SM6CEN, Håkan, for help with the callsign registration.

SM0DFP, Per, for remote frequency measurements after the installation.

The Gotland UHF HAM's SM1MUT, Arne, SM1HOW, Lars, SM1TDE, Eric,
SM1YRI, Pontus and others for checking the site, the
installation work etc.

We all hope the beacon will serve you all well for many years to come.

Reception reports are most welcome. Spot it on the DX-cluster or send a
report to the Gotland HAM's.

73 / Ingolf, SM6FHZ