Fyren SK1UHF i Klintehamn


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The new equipment for SK1UHF ( JO97CJ ), 432.950 MHz, was put in operation on April 11 1998 at 1015Z.
New frequency December 11 2003, 432,405 MHz.

The beacon is situated on top of the Farmers Association grain and crop storage building in Klintehamn on the island of Gotland. The antenna is
about 60 m above sea level and has a splendid view over both the sea (200 meters away ) in west and the land of Gotland in east.

The beacon consists of an owen controlled crystal oscillator, multiplier, driver amplifier (PA of a former SK1UHF installation) and power amplifier. The output power is about 50 W. The beacon is keyed in A1A by a PIC-processor keyer. The antenna is an Alford slot with an omnidirectional ( within 3 dB ) radiation pattern. Polarization is horizontal.

Reception reports are most welcome, from occational reception or if you can hear it at all times. They are all very valuable for evaluation of the beacon performance. They can be sent to Ingolf SM6FHZ or to Arne SM1MUT

I would like to thank all the people that has contributed to the beacon construction and made it possible.

SM6EUP, Hans, for the excellent antenna and for a surplus power supply.
SM6ECM, Anders, for a surplus power amplifier.
SM6PGP, Hannes, for measurement assistance and filter manufacturing.
SM6MUY, Bengt, for filter components for the multiplier.
SM6CMU, Ingo, for loan of power supply for initial beacon tests.
SM1MUT, Arne, for all the site preparations at Gotland.
SM1LPX, Karl-Erik, for installation assistance.
+ all the other SM1 hams that have put in an effort to get the beacon running.

I would also like to thank all of you that has sent reception reports and comments on the performance of the beacon during the test operation period from my QTH.

73 / SM6FHZ, Ingolf

Uppdaterad 2004-01-05